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ICS Learn Launches 100% Online Corporate Governance Institute Qualifications!

We’re very excited to announce that we’re now offering 100% online corporate governance qualifications from the Corporate Governance Institute! 

What is the Corporate Governance Institute?

The Corporate Governance Institute is one of the world’s leading voices in Corporate Governance. It provides training, education and certification in corporate governance to company directors and would-be directors across the globe, offering a suite of qualifications to help senior professionals develop their governance skills.

With company boards coming under sustained scrutiny due to a focus on standards and ethics in public life, developing excellent governance skills is essential for the directors of today and tomorrow.

When it comes to improving the way that company boards work and future-proofing organisations to meet the demands of tomorrow, Corporate Governance Institute qualifications are widely respected by employers across the world. They are seen as one of the best routes for professionals to equip themselves with the essential governance skills needed in senior roles at companies that liaise directly with company boards.

The Corporate Governance Institute offers a range of qualifications in order to maintain high standards in the corporate governance field which are designed by experienced directors and industry experts. They cover everything that a director or aspiring director will need to know – from how to engage with company boards through to cyber security.

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What Corporate Governance Institute qualifications do you offer?

We offer two of the most popular qualifications from the Corporate Governance Institute: the Diploma in Corporate Governance and the Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Diploma in Corporate Governance

The Diploma in Corporate Governance is perfect for current and aspiring directors who want to to improve the way that they engage with company boards. It will give you the practical skills and knowledge you’ll need to use on a daily basis as a boardroom director.

Exploring 11 modules in detail, from the structures involved in governance through to strategy and risk management, this comprehensive qualification is respected by employers across the globe.

It’s entirely self-paced, so you can work through it according to your own schedule and fit your study around your life. It will usually take you around 6 months to complete. Of course, some students find that they can complete it faster than it: it depends on how much time you’re able to devote to study.

Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance

The Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance is suited to senior professionals who want to develop their understanding of how environmental, social and corporate governance frameworks can present opportunities for organisations to grow and consolidate.

Comprised of 10 modules, the Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance explores topics such as the origins and evolving landscape of ESG, the role of boards in ESG, and best practice for reporting. By the end of the course, you’ll be knowledgeable about the role of Environmental, Social and Governance in areas across an organisation.

This qualification takes around 50 hours to complete and it’s self-guided. That means you can choose when you study and how you study – perfect if you need to juggle the demands of a busy life with career development.

Why study a corporate governance qualification?

With questions about professional conduct and ethics increasingly dominating public debate, it’s essential that directors and aspiring directors embody the values that their organisation espouses. That means following best practice principles when it comes to the way that organisations are governed by their leaders.

One of the most convenient and most affordable ways that you can gain the knowledge and skills to do this is by studying a qualification in corporate governance. This will equip you with the relevant skills and expertise that you’ll need as a director or in a position that is directly related to governance in an organisation.

Stand out from other top executives with a corporate governance qualification

Career development never stops. Improving our skills, knowledge and experience is essential – particularly when it comes to director roles, where knowledge really is power.

Studying a corporate governance qualification will help to futureproof your skills and develop your professional expertise, setting you apart from other directors and aspiring directors.

Develop your organisational governance skills from anywhere with a professional qualification that you can complete 100% online. Download your free Corporate Governance course guide now.