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Will a CIPD Qualification Help You Get a Job in HR?

Which is the Best Online CIPD Provider for You?

Gaining a CIPD qualification is essential in helping you kick start or enhance your career in Human Resources. This comprehensive overview provides you with all the information necessary to help you decide which is the best online CIPD provider for you.

ICS Learn Announces New CIPD Level 5 Fast Track Course

We're pleased to announce that we are now offering a new CIPD Level 5 Fast Track course. Find out more about the qualification and new study format here.

HR Analytics: How to Measure Employee Retention

Employee retention is a recurring concern for HR managers around the world, as the needs of employees are continuously changing. Here are 5 metrics HR managers should focus on to effectively measure their organisation's employee retention.

How To Become CIPD Qualified

Looking to develop in HR? Here's everything you need to know to become CIPD-qualified and get ahead in your career.

How to create an Effective HR Strategy: Step-by-Step

A HR strategy that consists of a detailed plan of priorities, methods and targets to support your employees during these unsettling times is invaluable.

My Top Tips on How You Should Plan to Write an Assignment

In this guest post, Rayhan explores his top tips for how you can improve your planning process when it comes to writing an assignment.

The Future of HR

What will the world of HR look like in a few decades? Will AI have transformed our roles, or will robots have made us all redundant? We explore the future here.

Where Could a CIPD Qualification Take You? | Infographic

Want to know where a CIPD qualification could take you? Take a look below at our most recent infographic to give you the best insights.

CIPD and Your Professional Development

In this article, Rayhan explores why CIPD matters to your professional development in HR roles and what you can do to improve it.

The Ultimate List of UK HR and L&D Events in 2022 | Human Resources

Ace your career development goals by attending these UK-based HR and L&D events happening across the country in 2022.